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Transcendence (Submerged) Transcendence (Submerged) (2013)

To mark the beginning of their association with Deadfall Management, Waterglass re-recorded 'Transcendence' in a semi-acoustic reimagining.  This track was initially released only on the web, but has since found its way onto a couple of compilation albums.  There is an accompanying video on YouTube.  Player track: 'Transcendence (Submerged)'. 

...And The Bleak Shall Inherit ...and the Bleak Shall Inherit (2012)

The follow-up to 'WisdomLikeSilence' took ten years to appear and saw the band shrink from five to three members.  Reflections of Darkness called it 'dark and troubled, luminous and melancholic', the legendary Mick Mercer praised 'misery pushing through the misty pulsations, gloriously crestfallen'Nemesis To Go rather liked it too, pointing out that 'Waterglass prove they can do exquisite angst better than anyone'.  Player track: 'Station One'

WisdomLikeSilence (2002)

Waterglass's debut full-length album attracted comparisons with everyone from Siouxsie and the Banshees to The House of Love.  Featuring a re-recorded 'Departure' and live favourite 'Transcendence', Meltdown called it 'deeply mature and diverse'; Kaleidoscope said, 'the emotional shrapnel is scattered for miles around'; The Crack opined that 'there's enough here to keep your lace hanky awash with tears' and Classic Rock were frankly amazed that, after eleven years and who knows how many line-ups, we'd got around to releasing it at all.  Player track: 'Departure'.

Departure EP
Departure EP (1999)

Waterglass's first proper single CD release featured the title track plus 'Longshore Drift', which later reappeared on 'WisdomLikeSilence' and 'My Lover's Eyes'.  Slaughuis were 'transfixed', Darklife liked it, but thought we were better live and South London Press said, 'if this is how it ends, you could not wish for a better soundtrack'.  We weren't ever that happy with the overall sound of the title track, which is why we had another go a couple of years later.